Facer Watch Face Platform Released for Gear S2 and S3

Dec 11, 2016

Facer, created by Little Labs, is a watchface customization platform that was originally released was for Android Wear on the Playstore, then to the Gear S2, and now the Gear S3. This is a platform on which watch designers can distribute their watch faces, and there are 1000's of them to choose from, including world’s brands like Tetris, Star Trek, Garfield, Ghostbusters, American Dad and more.

In all, you can enjoy 15,000+ watch faces, the largest single destination for free and premium faces. Many faces have designs of leading artists and bands and support ambient mode if your into that sort of thing. If that's not enough of a catalogue to choose from, then you can log into their online portal, called Facer Creator, and begin creating  your own.

Installation Instructions

  • Download & Install “Facer” app from the Google Play App store
  • Make sure your Gear S3 or Gear S2 is connected with your smartphone through the Samsung Gear Manager app
  • Download & Install “Facer Companion for Gear S2 & S3” from the Samsung Galaxy App Store
  • Long press on your Gear S2/S3 smartwatch and select the “Facer” watchface
  • Open the Facer App from your phone and choose your watchface
  • Create your own using Facer Creator


Facer Creator

  • Import and edit any image you’d like
  • Included free watch hands and weather icon collection
  • Large custom font collections
  • Numerous Time and Date layouts
  • Interactive and Animated Design capabilities
  • Weather Conditions with Fahrenheit and Celsius support
  • Battery Level, Step Counter, Wifi Indicator, and Dynamic Backgrounds


Get downloading and Installing. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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3 comments on “Facer Watch Face Platform Released for Gear S2 and S3”

  1. No consigo enviar la esfera al reloj, no se cual es el problema, todo parece estar bien,
    Es un gear S3 frontier


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