Smartphone game: Indian Football League game comes to the Tizen Store

Dec 8, 2016

Come 'on India!!! Let's football!! Dear Tizen users, I hope most of you like to play football. A new seller called GameEon Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has added a football game named "Indian Football League", which is a copy of the game of Hero ISL and is made with Unity development environment.

In order to be successful in playing Indian Football League, you need to practice your moves in this football simulation, and show you're are the best by coming top of the leaderboard. Choose your level of difficulty as the game developer offers Easy, Medium and Hard mode for amateurs, rookies and seasoned gamers. Take on your other opponents by scoring goals and beating them in matches. You can choose 1 from 8 different FC club leagues. Mumbai Titans, Kerala Blasters, United India etc. You can play all the matches in your home ground or opponent's home ground and also you can choose your gameplay time from customisable 2, 3 or 4 minutes.

There is also a feature which lets you play in your locality. This is easy to play game as it incorporates a simple style and the buttons are simple to understand. Assemble your football league and feel the adrenaline of this sport which can be played even in 2016, 2017 or whenever you feel like. Become the champions in standings and take the trophy for yourselves in the season play. More of them coming soon!

Game features

  • Great gameplay
  • Based on Hero ISL
  • 8 different real club teams


Game Screenshots


Download and play this game on all three of your Tizen devices. Available in Tizen Store for 23MB.

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