Gear Manager app Leaked for Gear Fit 2 and iOS / iPhone devices

Dec 9, 2016

A beta version of the Gear Manager app which pairs the Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker with iOS / iPhone has been leaked on a Korean forum. The leaked .ipa  application can be side-loaded onto any iOS device (iPhone 5S and above) and should be able to unlock a few functionalities of the Gear Fit 2. Samsung have been in works of making their Tizen-based wearable devices compatible with iPhones and iPads for a while now. For this, the company seems to be having a closed iOS beta program going on with testers using the apps to provide bug reports before it is released to general public.


Chances are that one of the testers couldn't keep the secretive mission to him/herself and hence treated the world with this leaked application. Although we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the application, we sure cannot stop your curiosity of trying the app getting the better of you.

Instructions to sideload app

  • Download Gear Manager from Here
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Double-click on the beta file(*.ipa) which launches iTunes
  • Sync iPhone
  • Choose App (“Gear Fit 2”) and install on iPhone
  • Go to iphone settings > general > device management and trust the Samsung certificate
  • Factory reset Gear Fit 2
  • Switch On Bluetooth
  • Pair Gear Fit 2 inside iPhone beta Gear Manager app

And that's all you need to get started!

Do keep in mind that this is a beta application and hence there are chances for the app to not work as expected due to bugs. Samsung might have even rolled out an over the air update to make the app useless by the time you try this application. So keep your fingers crossed while you try it.

If you are looking for the Gear Manager leak for the Gear S3 then check this link.

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19 comments on “Gear Manager app Leaked for Gear Fit 2 and iOS / iPhone devices”

  1. Hey, you say factory reset. Why? Why not just the soft reset? I didn't do the full reset and it works fine.

  2. Works better than I expected! I paired it to an iPhone 6s and the most important functions are working adequately for me

    I'm getting notifications, I can't really act upon them, but it's still a great feature to see the stuff come in.

    I can use it to side load music onto the FIT2, sync workout data, get Bluetooth pairings, add new watch faces, and more.

    I can't get Spotify to work nor can I directly use it to upload music from my music library but everything else works pretty damn well

    I must give tons of props to this blog and author for clearly demonstrating how to install and activate the beta software, you guys should definitely the best!!!

    Samsung owes you guys big, I was just about ready to return it for a FitBit, even though I don't really like the FitBit because even this limited connectivity makes a night/day difference

    Thanks again and I'm recommending this blood to everybody I know!

    1. Hi, I got a little question. I've paired my Gear Fit 2 to my iPhone 6s too, but I have a little trouble: when I make an outdoor workout using GPS (whether iPhone GPS via bluetooth and Gear Fit 2 built-in GPS) I can see, after workout, the route pic (at the end of the log) but NOT the map, even after I sync the Gear with my iPhone; moreover it does not display the map even on the phone, just workout data... Does it happens to you too? Thanks in advance...

      1. Yes, that's exactly what I get. Only about half the features work for me but those are enough for the biggest needs.

        1. Sure, that's so! but, however, would be great if Samsung would release a full-working Gear Fit 2 Manager on the App Store with periodical upgrades... Hope that the beginning of 2017 would be the right time for release...

          1. Yes definitely, what works is just a very bare minimum. Let's hope they get something working soon I can't wait

          2. Btw looks like the Google Maps implementation in Gear Manager iOS App is not yet done...

    2. Hi, I also got most features working. But one thing I don't see in the Gear Manager: The possibility to add music. It seems that there is an alternative way via WiFi in the player app settings (swiping up), but I cannot connect via browser. So how did you manage to "side load" music on the device? Thx!

      1. Ok so go to the music player
        Make sure you're on "or lay from gear" ( it's the little icon above the song title)
        You should see the settings "gear" icon in white Not gray
        Scroll down (swipe up) until you you hit the bottom - should say "manage tracks" Tap on that and you'll see instructions. Your gear,iPhone and PC all need to be on the same wifi - you get an addy-something like
        Toured that into a browser window and you'll get a nice app that slows you to upload songs
        Just make sure you knowbehere your actual song files are on your PC or mac

        Any problems, hit me back or email me at: [email protected]

        1. Thx for your fast response! I am not at home now so now WiFi available, but his could be the trick: "Your gear,iPhone and PC all need to be on the same wifi"... I had the Gear and Mac in the same WiFi but didn't take iPhone into consideration. Will try that asap! Thx!

          1. unfortunately not, see answer above (didn't see yours here before)

          2. OK so I'm a bit lost so try to clue me in, you get to the IP screen, music manager screen on your computer? Oh wait, I think I know what you're talking about. I think you're getting to the screen on the watch where is cut off and what's cut off is just the extra zeros of the IP so the IP address looks like :300 where it should be

            If you type that in with whatever IP address and 3000 you should get a management screen on the PC that tells you to go check your Watch and hit OK on the watch, once you do that you'll see the full management screen Wherevyou can add and delete tracks from your pic

            Let me know if that works, if it doesn't, please hit me back at: [email protected]

            I love this for a blue will be a lot easier for me to work through your problems via email good luck

        2. So, I tried that again. All devices are in the same wifi. Problem is though: As soon as I hit "start" in that "manage titles" screen I only see a glance of the instructions screen with the IP shown. After some milliseconds it just reverts to the music settings screen. Since I know the IP I just tried to type but with no success. I assume the error described above (the disappearance of the manage title settings screen) also cause the browser window to not load 🙁


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