HERE WeGo for Samsung Gear S3 released & ready for you to download

Dec 1, 2016

Many of our readers were looking forward to the launch of the HERE WeGo navigation mapping app for the Samsung Gear S3 and now it has been released !!!! The app is just the thing to show you your current location and allow you to explore the streets that are immediately around you. Now you have the ability to see exactly where you are and also be able to find where you are going, right from your wrist.

Search for your destination by text or s-voice from the S3 and start navigation for either walking or driving, with instructions that include a route preview and navigation alerts. Turn-by-turn guidance also alerts you with vibrations, so you have less chance of going astray. With the ability to cache map data, the S3 will now let you navigate towns, cities and other locations, and become more of a stand-alone wearable device than ever before.

The team at HERE are hoping to bring bike navigation to the wearable soon. “We’re also looking at adding offline navigation,” says Tamer Nassif, a senior engineer manager responsible for product development at HERE, “we believe that wearables are really powerful if they take you wherever you want to go.”

HERE are also hoping to launch the product for the Gear S2 in the near future.



HERE WeGo is available from Galaxy Apps Store via the Gear Manager App. Have you downloaded it? Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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