Leaked Video shows Samsung Tizen TV new 2017 user interface

Dec 21, 2016

There is lots happening in the world of Tizen and here is some news that relates to Samsung's Smart TVs. We have a leaked video that allegedly shows a new user interface that will be Introduced in Samsung's 2017 range of Tizen-based Smart TVs. We should see the official unveiling next month at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Discover our new intuitive and easy to navigate interface

Samsung chose to use Tizen for their Smart TVs as it provides a smooth and fast user interface that suits the large screen quite well. Consumers need to be able to flick through their content lag free and Tizen is able to deliver that on all its other devices such as Smartphones and Smart Watches.

Samsung-Tizen-TV-2017-New-User-Interface-1Samsung-Tizen-TV-2017-New-User-Interface-4Users are able to better Navigate through recent, features, and favourite apps using the new Quick Menu - allowing you to get to the right app even faster. You can rearrange apps by dragging and dropping them, with a nice little bounce. Adding or removing apps is also a simple affair and you can even change where your navigation bar lives, on the bottom or on the side. All your media is in one place; your photos, videos, and music.

Samsung-Tizen-TV-2017-New-User-Interface-5Samsung-Tizen-TV-2017-New-User-Interface-2Samsung will also introduce a new version of its Smart Hub that allows better multitasking and widget overlay support on the screen. The upgraded Ultra High Definition TV (UHD TV)  will also feature a new type of self-emitting 4K quantum dot technology.


Let's see what CES 2017 has in store for us.

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One comment on “Leaked Video shows Samsung Tizen TV new 2017 user interface”

  1. "Samsung chose to use Tizen for their Smart TVs as it provides a smooth and fast user interface"

    To be honest it's not that smooth and fast for my TV. But also not horrible. Hope it will get the new version and will perform better.


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