Modality keyboard wants to ease your typing experience on the Gear S3

Is using an on-screen keyboard on the Gear S3 / S2 wearable smartwatch feasible ? Joyful Machines has created Modality which uses a unique patent pending technology
Dec 6, 2016

While smartwatches like the Gear S3's major reason for existence is to help you use your smartphone less for simple tasks like changing the music track, getting reminders, quick look at the time, checking notifications, receiving text messages,etc. Sending back text messages or in general typing is one task that is still left to the smartphones. Although there are keyboards for the Gear S3 in QWERTY and T9 formats available, they're still far from ideal to use on the Gear S3's tiny 1.3 inch circular display.

A company going by the name Joyful Machines who took this up as a challenge came up with Modality. It is a keyboard app which uses a unique patent pending technology to scrap away the standard letter-by-letter qwerty format to make way for word prediction and letters arranged in a familiar diamond-like layout found on the right side of most gamepads. The app gets smarter as you use by predicting more accurate words, letters and characters and help you speed up your typing game.

Modality is currently available for Gear S3 at an introductory price of $0.99. The company have also promised to release the app for Gear S2 later this month.



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