Smartphone App: QR Code Pro - a good QR Scanner app for Tizen Smartphones

Dec 15, 2016

Do you need a good documents / QR Code scanner app ? Well S Scanner is already available on the Tizen Store to help you with that. Now another QR Code scanner app QR Code Pro by SRBD is now available to download for your Samsung Z1, Z2, and Z3 Tizen smartphones.

It's a very good app that lets you scan any types of QR Code: website, contact, SMS etc. You can scan the QR Codes in a few different ways: with or without flash, low power or not, continue scanning or not, auto focus or manual.


Flash: If there isn't much light around you, then you can simply press the 'O' button to switch on, and press the 'I' button beside the flash to switch off.

Auto Focus: Hope you all are know about this feature. It can scan automatically your QR Code. You can on or off it by press 'O' and 'I' button beside the auto focus option.

Low Power: This feature is only to save battery. Mark to active this feature and unmark to deactivate. And if you active Low Power you can't using Auto Focus and Flash.

Continue: You can scan many QR Codes in a minimum time by activating this feature.

There are also 3 buttons available: Copy to Clipboard, Go to the link address and Share. So, you can directly copy the link of you QR-Code, directly go to the address and share the link via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, SMS etc.

Press the Left Soft Key or Option Key on your Tizen smartphone for more features: Settings, history, report bug, help, about.


App screenshots:


So, lots of good features available in this app which are enough for a best QR Code Scanner app. Download for all Tizen Smartphones at 0.21MB from the Tizen Store.

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