Roposo, Social Photo Share App hits the Tizen Store

Dec 7, 2016

If you're like most of us then you "Like to be social", and to aid in that endeavour we have a new social sharing app named Roposo, that has been added to Tizen Store. Now you can share more photos simply by using this app.



  1. Select your favourite categories ie. Cars, Bikes, shoes, wearing, actors, singers etc.etc. whcih means what type photos you would like to see.
  2. Follow your favourite person / people, meaning that you will see all of their future posts, think twitter 😉
  3. Like, Comment and share your favourite post with any social sites: facebook, email, message etc. and drop any comment on this post or photo.
  4. You can "Repost", meaning you can share other people's pictures to your followers.
  5. Add multiple photos to your post, but in reality, I think the limit is 20 photos.
  6. Personalise your profile by selecting your favourite username and you can add connect your Twitter account and your website with this account. Also, you can add your photo and cover.
  7. You also can share your profile with your device: facebook, email, message etc.


App screenshots


This is a good social sharing app and is available to download for all Tizen-based smartphones such as: Samsung Z1, Z2 & Z3. In Tizen store this app size is 3MB.

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