Samsung bags Runet Award 2016 for "IT SCHOOL SAMSUNG" initiative

Dec 5, 2016

Teaching students to code at an early age has proven to motivate them to opt for Computer Science for their higher education. With skilled developers being high on demand, major tech companies have taken the initiative to sponsor educating students in programming right from schools. Samsung's "IT SCHOOL SAMSUNG" is one such federal program of additional education on IT and programming basics which was initiated to teach 5000 school children across various cities in Russia for a 5 years duration. This program has now bagged the Runet Award 2016 for Samsung. The awarding ceremony took place on 22nd November in Moscow and is a prestigious high technology and internet award in the country.


The IT SCHOOL SAMSUNG program lets high school students take up several educational modules like Java, app development, software backend development,etc during their academic year. Students will then have to showcase their projects at the end of the training course and hence get their certificate of completion from Samsung. One of the primary reasons that students are taking up these courses is because, technical universities are highly valuating such certificates as an individual achievement.

Back in 2015, Samsung Electronics had also bagged a winner's award in the "Mobile Runet" category for a mobile app project called "LivePages" which showcased the classics of Russian literature on smartphones in an interactive format.

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