Learn how to use your Gear S3 with these tutorial videos

Tutorial videos: Learn some of the features of your new Gear S3 Frontier / Classic , SOS / Power Saving / Samsung Pay / Handwriting Messaging and more
Dec 26, 2016

Are you one of the lucky people that has received the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier / Classic as a Christmas present? Well you're going to need to get up to speed on how to use it and any other tips or tricks.  Samsung have created some excellent tutorials showing you exactly how to use some Important features.

Important features like the SOS (Save Our Souls) on your Gear S3 (also on Gear S2) sends your emergency contacts a message with your trackable location for the next hour. You can add up to 4 emergency contacts as part of this emergency group. Learn other great features like being able tto conserve battery on your S3 by putting it into Power Saving Mode.

Do you love the gym and fitness? Well, the stand-alone music player means you can even leave your smartphone at home whilst you go on that Important run. Get home and you can't find your phone ? The S3 has the ability to locate your paired smartphone.

One of the most exciting innovations in the S3 is Samsung Pay, which allows you to make payments from your new wearable tech without the need of getting your phone out of your pocket. If you want to send a text from the Gear S3, but aren’t a fan of the small keyboard, then check out the new handwriting feature.


1. Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R770, SM-R760) - SOS Feature

2. Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R770, SM-R760) - Power Saving Mode

3. Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R770, SM-R760) - Playing Music

4. Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R770, SM-R760) - Locate My Gear

5. Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R770, SM-R760) - Opening Samsung Pay

6.Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R770, SM-R760) - Handwriting Messaging

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