Samsung UK - Gear S3 Frontier & Classic Back in Stock for Christmas

Are you in the UK looking for a Gear S3 Frontier or Gear S3 Classic ? The good news is that Samsung have got new stock of this Christmas stocking filler.
Dec 13, 2016

Many of our readers based in the UK have been looking to purchase the Gear S3 Frontier, but unable to find it anywhere as all the outlets, at least the ones we know of, had run out of stock. Well, if you're still lLooking for the Gear S3 Frontier or Gear S3 Classic as your Christmas stocking filler then Samsung UK have just got in fresh stock of these devices and they are available to purchase right now.

Samsung-Gear-S3-UK-Stock-ChristmasBoth the Frontier and Classic smartwatches are priced at £349 with FREE shipping. The only difference between these two models is the styling as under the hood they are exactly the same. There is currently no LTE version of these watches available in the UK and the rumour is that Samsung will not be releasing one here anytime soon. Most likely the reason being that UK networks are unable to support the newly released eSIM that supports this functionality.

Yesterday we noticed that these wearable devices were back in stock, but shortly afterwards they were both back out of stock again. Now, stock levels have been once again replenished.


Samsung-Gear-S3-UK-Stock-Christmas-2As you can see from the styling, the frontier suits someone that is a bit more of the 'outdoor' type of person, whilst the classic will feel at home on any business man's wrist.

The S3 initially launched at the end of August and has received positive feedback by media and critics alike, as it has many of the same hit features of the Gear S2, the circular screen and rotating bezel being two important points. The Gear S3 classic offers a minimalistic design for the active business man, whilst the Gear S3 frontier is a more rugged offering. For both models, you get GPS connectivity as well as an Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, and Altimeter.

Are you ready to order the S3? Head on over to the Samsung UK website, literally whilst stocks last.


Below is the first TV commercial that aired for the S3, and you can see some of its features:


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