Singapore gets first Gear S2 Value Pack Update

Today, Singapore seems to be the first country to get the value pack 2 update for the Gear S2, taking them to version R720XXU2EPK5 / R720OXX2EPK5. / Gear S3
Dec 8, 2016

The world is anxiously waiting for their Samsung Gear S2's wrist companions to receive the latest promised firmware from Samsung: value pack 2 update. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but I know many S2 users that are frequently checking their phone to see if the update is live !!!


Today, Singapore seems to be the first country to get the firmware / software update taking them to version R720XXU2EPK5 / R720OXX2EPK5, which is also known as value pack 2 update. This is the second such update and brings with it lots of features that are currently available on the Gear S3.


Users can now further customise their smartwatches and take advantage of newly introduced convenience features. S2 users will now be able to download and Install all the watchfaces that come as default on the S3. Samsung’s S-Health will recognise more activities, including running, walking, cycling, rowing-machine sessions as well as “Other Workouts”.


Samsung are not replacing the S2 with the S3, but more see their newest smartwatch an addition to their wearable portfolio. Both devices are aesthetically different and have totally different appeals. The S2 can be seen as more of a unisex device whereas the S3, being a bulkier being, appeals more to men and women that love a bit of "clunk" on the wrist.

The download is size is quite big 131.91MB, so a fast WiFi connection is definitely advised. We should see the update rolling out firmware R732XXU2EPK5 / R732OXA2EPK5 very soon for this region as well.

Have you received the update in your region? Let us know in the comments.

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6 comments on “Singapore gets first Gear S2 Value Pack Update”

  1. The installation freeze on 14% and then restart gear s2 and show (installation failed..try again later or sometimes visit "something" center)
    I am in Saudi Arabia


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