Smartphone Game: 5 most popular games in Tizen Store

Dec 26, 2016

Hi, the Tizen store has had some great games being added to it, which are both FREE and offer some high-quality graphics and gameplay for your playing pleasure. We have had requests to find out which ones are the best.

Below we have compiled details on the top 5 free games downloadable from the Tizen Store:

  • Game Name: Temple Run 2
  • Game Development: Imangi Studios , LLC
  • Game Type: Adventure
  • Game Size: 44.21MB
  • Game Rating: 3.8 based on 6485

Game Details: A good high graphics endless runner game. Collect various types of coins, powerups and gifts from your adventure way and also avoid the obstacles on your way by move left or right or jump or lay. More Details: Temple Run 2 Finally on the Tizen Store.






  • Game Name: Asphalt Nitro & Asphalt 8 Airborne
  • Game Development: Gameloft SE.
  • Game Type: Racing
  • Game Size: 32.65MB & 15.03MB
  • Game Rating: 3.6 based on 1575 & 4.2 bases on 4215

Game Details: High-quality graphics racing games with more than 10 real racing cars, 5 different maps with reverse mode, 5 different gameplay types. Online !gameplay is also available. More Details: Asphalt 8: Airborne comes to the Tizen store to take over Z1 and Z3 users.


  • Game-Plants-VS-Zombies-Samsung-Z1-Z3-Tizen-Smartphone-01Game Name: Plant vs. Zombies
  • Game Seller: EA Sports
  • Game Type: Strategy
  • Game Size: 106.93
  • Game Rating: 3.7 based on 446

Game Details: This is a highly addictive game about zombies that are trying to breach your home! You have to plant a variation of 49 plants, that you collect at the end of each level, that fight off the zombies. More Details: Plants Vs. Zombies Released in the Tizen Store.


  • Game-Angry-Birds-Samsung-Tizen-Smart-Phone-700Game Name: Angry Birds
  • Game Development: Rovio Mobile Ltd.
  • Game Type: Action
  • Game Size: 47.53 mb
  • Game Rating: 4.0 based on 1768

Game Details: The game is an Android App (equivalent to Android Angry Birds version 5.0.2.) that is running on the Z1 thanks to OpenMobile’s ACL technology.More Details: Angry Birds comes to the Tizen Store and the Samsung Z1

What a fantastic line-up of Tizen Games? All the games are available on each all the Tizen Smartphones ie. Samsung Z1 / Z2 / Z3. Here are the Top popular games in Tizen Store and we hope that next week we will post Top 5 sports game in Tizen Store.

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2 comments on “Smartphone Game: 5 most popular games in Tizen Store”

  1. Seems like you listed only 4.
    Interesting to note that these games are famous games from iOS/Android as well.
    Sad thing is that Angry Bird is still not native being in top 4.
    That makes 25%!

    1. You know increasing the apps is the most difficult job,
      I hope the company focus in the productive apps first than games, then buy stronger phones
      We are ready to help the best company just we wait it to take the next big step


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