The popular game called Color Switch, created by Fortafy Games, has come over from the Play Store to the Tizen Store. This is quite a famous game as it has already had over 125 Million downloads worldwide. If you don’t know what to do in Color Switch, then here’s your instructions: You start off as a ball in a colour, the colours are yellow, purple, pink and blue, and you then tap to go through various obstacles. If you have to go through an obstacle then you can only go through one that is the same colour as you. If you don’t then the game is over. Through the levels, you collect stars and there are circles with the four colours, this changes the colour of the ball.

There are different modes, such as bounce, where there are two walls, one with your ball colour and one wall with one of the other three colours, the walls have areas for both colours. You tap to bounce from one wall to another, trying to avoid obstacles but to also try to aim for the right colour.
There is also some themed levels such as the Halloween, basically it has pumpkins and the obstacles are Halloween themed as well.

I really like the graphics in this game and the sound keeps you entertained as well. Grab it Color Switch now for FREE, and the download size is only 1.1MB.