[Updated] Wammer music hub lets you beta test Spotify on your Gear SmartWatch

Dec 15, 2016

Wammer is a new music hub for Samsung devices that run the Tizen OS. The promise is that once you connect your favourite music services to this hub, you can access your music and create playlists, all from a central location and all via your wearable device.

The company is currently looking for Beta testers that will help test the Spotify music service, and I know there's a few of you that might be Interested, in order to put the app / service through its paces. They will be hand picking 1000 beta users per week to test the Wammer application, with the beta test period lasting a total of 12 weeks.

We have been previously expecting Spotify to launch their app by mid-December, which is roughly about now, so I'm not sure if this means there will be a delay to the launch date, but hopefully we will find out soon enough. Keep following Team Tizen for the latest news on this story and also the whole of the Tizen ecosystem.

As a development plan, the company wants to help Release Spotify for Tizen with offline mode, add support for additional Samsung wearable devices, and also add support for more music services and therefore making Wammer a music service in its own right.



Have you heard enough and want to sign up? Great, head on over to their sign-up page now.

Update: Due to the massive response to the Beta program there will no longer be any further sign-ups. However, we are assured the app will be launched very soon.

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3 comments on “[Updated] Wammer music hub lets you beta test Spotify on your Gear SmartWatch”

    1. I am dying to know that too....Wammer is the solution for my Spotify Offline Music playing since Spotify is too useless to do it on their own.


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