VIV personal assistant might find it's home on Tizen Smartphones, IoT, and Wearables

Dec 15, 2016

Samsung have already purchased VIV, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company based in San Jose, Califonia, who, if you don't know, were the same team that created Siri. The unique feature that VIV brings to the table is the ability to use natural language in a way that allows it to understand questions us beings tend to pose like "I need to get to London, what are my options?", or "how long before I get to the train station?"

Third party apps can also make use of this service for going through menus, making reservations, finding destinations, and more. On the whole of it, this seems like a much more powerful alternative to Samsung's S Voice application and could possibly be the new replacement. This technology is different as it has the ability to bring together required services, which do not know how to interact with each other, on the fly in order to satisfy any user request posed to it. Generally, other personal assistants have responses that have already been pre-programmed by developers and make the experience less dynamic.

Siri-AI-assistant-Viv-coming tizen iot smartphoneThe current rumours at the moment about Samsung and their adaptation of Android Nougat is that they will be jumping straight to Android 7.1.1 Noughat, which includes Google's new Google Assistant. But you see this is the problem, as Google would most likely not appreciate both Google Assistant and VIV being present on a new Samsung smartphone. Google is now rumoured to have put forward a "request" for Samsung to not Install VIV on any of its upcoming Android-powered smartphones, at least for the time being. So what are Samsung to do with this new Technology?

Obviously, that leaves Tizen as an obvious new home for VIV. Samsung are capable of delivering a completely new User Experience (UX) on Tizen smartphones and this could be a massive appeal for consumers wanting to explore new pastures. Investing further in Research and Development with VIV, UX, and Tizen could give consumers another reason to investigate this platform. Tizen is not just about the smartphone, oh no, we have Smart TV, IoT, and Smart Watch which all can benefit with voice input.

Lets see what unfolds.

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2 comments on “VIV personal assistant might find it's home on Tizen Smartphones, IoT, and Wearables”

  1. That'll definitely help Tizen grow...
    I mean it's already growing in Gear smartwatches and Samrt TVs. But, in addition Tizen mobile will definitely get boost in terms of users and ecosystem.


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