Wammer music hub Released, Spotify Offline Mode on Gear S2 / S3

Dec 30, 2016

Today, Wammer has released their new music hub app for Samsung devices (that run Tizen) onto the Galaxy Apps Store, which currently supports the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3, with Gear Fit 2 support on the way.

The idea behind the music hub is that you are able to connect your favourite music services to this central location and be able to access all your music tracks from your wearable device. There was a fairly short Beta trial of the software, which had a fantastic response, and now the app is now ready for prime time. At the moment the app can only connect to Spotify but more music services are on their way.




In order to use Spotify with offline support you need a Premium account. The company is currently doing an offer for 3 months for £0.99. if you Interested then sign-up now as there are only 3 days left.


Application-Spotify-for-your-Samsung-Tizen-SmartWatch-2The app is available to download today, but it might take it a slight while showing up in certain markets. If you have no luck searching for it then you might find it by going into Category -> Entertainment and then by selecting the New tab.


Setup Spotify account if logged in via facebook

If you have set up your Spotify account using your facebook account as a login then you need to follow the Instructions below to set up a device password:

  1. Log into your Spotify account at
  2. Select Log in with Facebook.
  3. You will then go through the process of authorising your facebook account if you are not already logged in.
  4. Select Set device password from the left-hand side.
  5. Make a note of the device username, you will need to enter this in the Wammer app.
  6. Click Send email to set the password.
  7. Once you receive the email, click on the link to set the password.
  8. Enter this new username / password combination to log into Spotify in the Wammer app.


Set up Instructions for Spotify offline mode

  1. Connect the Smartwatch to WiFi.
  2. Place the watch on charge so it won't drain the battery while transferring.
  3. Start the wammer app and log in with your Spotify details.
  4. Start Spotify on the nearest computer/mobile.
  5. In the Spotify app select your watch as the Playback device.
  6. Press Play on any playlist of your choice. Once the playlist has stopped playing then the transfer is complete and you can now have Offline playback.


For the future, the company is looking to Integrate further music services into the hub, as it only supports Spotify at the moment. One of the killer features of the app will be the ability to create playlists that are mixed from all of your music services.


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9 comments on “Wammer music hub Released, Spotify Offline Mode on Gear S2 / S3”

  1. Do the tracks upload at the same time as the music is played? Is it necessary to listen to the whole playlist to transfer all of them?

    1. After choosing Tizen as the device on Spotify, you have let the song played on your phone or computer whichever that runs the Spotify. I put my S3 on charging mode because it does takes a while for the transfer. I was able to get about 20 songs. But given the 4G memory of S3, the solution would be to actually stream the music without the phone but unfortunately Spotify is currently unavailable on Gear Manager (IOS phone). Hope this helps.

  2. Hello Jose,
    You need to let the process pass through all the songs.
    The implementation is limited to Spotify User Agreement and thus we are unable to increase the speed of the transfer.
    Wammer Team

  3. Hi
    I have managed to get 3 tracks to transfer, they take up 95mb though. Is this correct?
    Also I cant get the Wammer app on my watch to keep staying active, it disconnects and doesnt show as an available device on my desktop spotify. I load it again and it stays open for a bit and then goes back to the gear app draw page showing Wammer in the middle of the watch screen.
    Your help appreciated

  4. Hi, I have a Gear S3 and I donwloaded Wammer, but following the stpes that describes before can not get the playlist on my device and I can get conect my the Spotify account but introducing corectly my accouint and password

  5. Thank you for making this possible
    I just have 1 question - how do you delete songs from the watch again - if you dont want to have it anymore. So it does not take up space.

  6. Tizen team, not sure if you can help...but please release some music streaming apps on Gear Manager on IOS platform for Gear S3 Frontier LTE. This is a HUGE opportunity with this watch. Many Thanks!!

  7. Spotify's device login isn't working and hasn't worked for a year. It would be great if there were something else to do to log in. I cannot use it because I cannot log into my Spotify account....otherwise an extremely great idea....


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