Chromecast-like functionality coming to Samsung Smart TVs at CES 2017

Jan 2, 2017

We had a leak of what could possibly be a new user Interface of Samsung's new 2017 range of Smart TVs. Now, it seems as if we could get additional functionality which is similar to Google's chromecast already baked in.

The details seem to be taken from a prematurely published app last week. Samsung has enabled users to beam photos, videos and music that they have stored locally on their Android smartphones via the Smart View App. Now, it appears that Samsung published the next iOS version of the app on Apple’s App Store. Looking at the screenshots we can see that there have been major updates, but the description has yet to be updated.




The redesigned app has new content tabs from different streaming partners such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, TV Plus, and Hulu. It would appear that the row of tabs is along the top is scrollable and would suggest that additional services such as Netflix are going to be supported.  In the centre, you have a live TV content tab that features recently watched shows, featured content, and more. At the top of the app, you can change what device you are sending the media to - suggesting these are chromecast like functions.

Users can browse and search for content from their smartphones and then beam it directly to their TVs. Samsung's TVs have a great amount of Innovation already in them, from the Tizen Operating System (OS) that powers them (as if you didn't know), to their screen technology, to their role in the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Smart Home. All will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 #CES2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada next month. A Samsung spokesperson declined to comment.

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