Developer: Tizen SCM Tools Release - Version 17.01

Jan 5, 2017

Hey Tizen Developers, Tizen SCM Tools and Tizen SCM Services packages have been updated and released to version 17.01. The package versions have been updated to gbs 0.24.4, Mic 0.27.3 and Repa 0.4.

The majort release changes are that gbs 0.24.4 has many bug fixes as well introducing a new enable kvm build function and other enhancements. MIC Image creator 0.27.3 now supports vdfs and squashfs image creation.


Tizen SCM Tools

The latest version of Tizen SCM Tools can be found at the link below:-


Tizen SCM Services

The latest version of Tizen SCM Services can be found at the link below:-


Major changes

  • Add Tizen SCM tools packages for openSUSE 42.1
  • Support VDFS file-system format for image creation
  • Add Jenkins jobs and scripts for 'Build Monitor', "Make Dependency Graph", and "Reference snapshot info. update"
  • Bug fixes


Further Information

You can find more Information about the Tizen SDKs, Tizen Studio, Development Tools, HTML5, application frame works at the developer page.


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