How to: Make your Samsung Gear S3 box into a charging stand

You can convert your Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier box into a good looking charging stand. Read on to learn how to build one in under a minute.
Jan 13, 2017

The box that comes with your Gear S3 has a nice little design that makes it stand out from the crowd, but there's more functionality to it. Instead of tossing it into the rubbish (trash) you can actually convert it into an attractive charging stand for your Gear S3 Classic or Gear S3 Frontier wearable tech, which not a lot of people know about.

There is nothing hard about it, just a little bit of simple assembly is all that it takes. Below are some pictures and a video to show you exactly how to set it up.


  1. Open up the box and remove all the items. Put back anything that you do want to keep such as the watch strap and getting started manual.
  2. Plug in the charger where you want to keep your new charging stand
  3. Feed the charging cable through the hole in the charging tray.
  4. Plug the charging cable into the Gear S3 wireless charging dock.
  5. Place the Gear S3 charging dock into the indented round section on the charging tray, feeding back any surplus cable.
  6. Place the charging tray back onto the bottom section of the box, making sure you align the cable cut hole with two plastic grooves on the bottom of the box.


That's it done. Pretty simple to now have a good looking charging stand.


Charging status

Below are the different colors that your wireless charging dock's LED indicator flashes to show you its status:-

  • Red - Charging
  • Green Fully Charged
  • Orange - Connected to a low-powered charger
  • Flashing Red - Charging dock has encountered an error. Disconnect and then reconnect


Instruction Manual for Gear S3 Classic / Frontier 

This is the FULL Instruction manual for your device.



Note: Do not use other types of wireless chargers ie smartphone charging pad. The output power is too high for this type of device and could (will) seriously damage your smartwatch.

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