iHeartRadio integrates with Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, Gear S3 smartwatch

Deidre Richardson
Jan 11, 2017

iHeartRadio, a popular internet music streaming service, is designed to provide the content you want with customizations for music styles and genres that you want. And yet, at the same time, while internet streaming radio services abound on smartphones and tablets with predictable apps, their integration with wearables is something of a hit-or-miss for the industry. And yet, that hasn't stopped Samsung from bringing all the apps to Tizen that it can in order to make the case for Tizen's existence alongside of other well-developed platforms such as Android and iOS.

At CES 2017, the most well-known international consumer tech conference of the year, Samsung and iHeartRadio seem to be on the same station (pun intended) with regard to bringing its music streaming service to Samsung's open-sourced platform. iHeartRadio has settled on integrating its services with two Samsung products: 1) the Family Hub refrigerator and 2) the Gear S3 smartwatch.

Now, with the Family Hub, the 21.5-inch touchscreen refrigerator, owners can grab their food after a workout at the gym and listen to their favourite tunes at the same time. Integration with the Gear S3 allows wearers to listen to their tunes when on a workout in the gym (with a pair of Bluetooth headphones, of course) or a run in the park to get healthy with a change of scenery. 4G-connected users will find the freedom to stream music from their wrist without smartphone tethering a true joy. True music lovers who want to have a hands-free experience can take advantage of iHeartMedia's free Speak Music Melody iOS app that lets you change music genres by voice command.

This isn't the first time iHeartRadio has come to Samsung's OS; iHeartMedia has long provided its music streaming service for Gear S2 users, and we're glad to see the Gear S3 Frontier and Classic finally get in on the action. iHeartMedia has also integrated iHeartRadio with other products from other manufacturers, such as Google Home (Google) and DISH Music. The company's music service now has over 95 million registered users.


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