NVIDIA's new SHIELD TV is now compatible with Samsung SmartThings

Deidre Richardson
Jan 11, 2017

Samsung's SmartThings is a home automation platform that allows users to use one app for all their smart home devices, including devices that work cross-platform with not only Samsung's Tizen OS but also Android, Windows, and iOS. When Samsung acquired SmartThings, the Korean giant promised to maintain its cross-platform compatibility - and Samsung's cross-platform agenda hasn't changed.

Samsung has worked hard to integrate a number of cross-platform devices into its home setup, including Amazon Echo, BMWs from 2013 until now with the ConnectedDrive services feature, and UK devices such as the Logitech Harmony, Belkin WeMo LED Bulb and Switch Outlet, and the Aeotec Siren (Gen 5), among others. The company's recent IoTivity showcase with the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) at CES 2017 shows that Samsung's cross-platform commitment hasn't died, and the new SmartThings compatibility with the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV shows that Samsung doesn't intend to put any bridges between Tizen and Android.

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV, powered by Google's Android TV platform, making it an Android media streamer that offers the most advanced gaming and viewing experience available on the market. NVIDIA is well-known for its graphics processors and gaming devices (hence, NVIDIA SHIELD), and the new device performs as an all-in-one gaming and TV-viewing station.

The new device brings 4K HDR content (which now includes Amazon Video) and support for YouTube, VUDU, and Google Play Movies. With the new SHIELD TV, NVIDIA has expanded its game library to feature titles such as For Honor, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Watch Dogs 2, among others, with the goal of expanding its offering to games such as Shadowgun Legends, Tomb Raider, and The Witness. Additionally, a new AI home capability allows you to communicate with the device by way of voice command, similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo. Integration with Samsung SmartThings will arrive "in the coming months," NVIDIA says, so don't expect SmartThings compatibility right away.

"By seamlessly integrating great gaming, rich media content and AI, NVIDIA has established a whole new standard for streamers. With its broad mix of services and immaculate execution, SHIELD represents the future of home entertainment," Creative Strategies President Tim Bajarin said.

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV comes with a TV remote and game controller, will have Google Assistant integration, and cost $199.99 later this month when it reaches the US, Canada, and certain European markets. A SHIELD PRO model featuring a TV remote, game controller, and 500GB of storage will arrive later this month as well, though the price is TBA.

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