Grab a POWERbot Essential Robotic Vacuum for 21% off the normal price

Jan 17, 2017

Are you fond of keeping up with the latest technology innovations but hate vacuuming your house? Well, Samsung has created a range of Robot vacuum cleaners that take the hassle out of keeping your house tidy and might appeal to you.

Samsung’s POWERbot Essential Robotic Vacuum normally retails for $699.99 but can be bought now for $549.99, which saves you a total of $150 (21%). As you can imagine this Robot vacuum cleaner has all the bells and whistles and features impressive 10X more suction power than the leading robot vacuum brand. It makes its way around your home using Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor technology in order to create optimal cleaning paths around the home whilst avoiding obstacles.

You can either set your new POWERbot essential vacuum cleaner to automatically clean all accessible areas of the house, or you can command it to clean a specific area by remote controlling it with directional commands. The robot can also be programmed with a cleaning schedule, so you could have it cleaning whilst your sleeping or whilst you're on the way back from work. There is no lack of Intelligence in this robot as it will find the closest recharging point if it senses that its power is low, making it more Independent to its master.

Do you like the sound of the Robot Vacuum cleaner? Head on over to Amazon to BUY NOW. Note: Due to federal and international regulations, the device can only be shipped within the United States and no International shipping is available.



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