Remote control your Samsung Tizen smartphone using your earphones

Jan 26, 2017

Today the topic of discussion is smart headset control features for music and video lovers that happen to also love earphones. Actually, I'm a great music lover and so I had to discover the best earphone features offered on for Tizen mobiles.

Consumers tend to use their earphones for listening to music, FM radio, video songs or making voice or video calls. Here are all the ways that you can use your headphones as a remote controller for your Tizen smartphone, which allows you to perform some cool smart functions using your handset without the need of taking it out of your pocket!


Music player controls:

Here are the features that you can use with the music player app.

  1. Plug in your earphones and tap once to start music playback and tap again to pause this the currently playing track.
  2. While playing music you can pause the track by tapping once and play again by tapping once again.
  3. Tap twice quickly in order to play the next song.
  4. Tap 3 times quickly for restart playback of the current song. But your current song needs to play for a minimum 2 seconds, otherwise the previous song gets played.
  5. Tap 4 times quickly for playing the previous song.


Video player controls:

Video player control is almost the same as the music player but you need to play a video first for controls to come into effect. Open your video player and play any video and use the controls as previously outlined in the music player section.

Voice Calling controls

Here is also some good voice calling features on your smartphone that can be controlled with the earphones.
1.When you are on any incoming voice call
(i) Tap once to receive the call
(ii) Long press once to ignore the call

2. When you are on any phone call
(i) Tap once to hang up the call
(ii) Long press once to put the call on hold
(iii) Long press again to continue the call that was on hold


FM Radio controls:

You can also control your FM Radio by using your earphones.

  1. Turn on your FM Radio by tapping once and tapping once again to turn it off.
  2. Tap twice quickly for next channel and tap 3 times quickly for the previous channel.

All Tizen users can use these features by using any Original Samsung Brand Earphones (there might be some exceptions).

It's great how we can control the smartphone using just the headset, but what if we could also use it to control Voice recording or even control the camera with it? I'm sure Samsung could Introduce some of these features.


Are these good smart features for you?
Are you happy that you have found out about them?
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