Samsung confirms the arrival of Bixby and Samsung Pay Mini

Deidre Richardson
Jan 10, 2017

Bixby is a name associated with Samsung these days, in large part because it has become the new and upcoming AI or voice command assistant for Samsung's "Galaxies." "Samsung Pay Mini" is another term associated with the Korean giant, referring to a watered-down version of its mobile payments system (an app) that lets non-Galaxy smartphones make online payments using the service.

Well, what do you get when you combine these two features together? The answer? A very exciting mobile payments system with a voice command assistant.

Samsung has confirmed by way of its own website that, not only will the Samsung Pay Mini app become fruition with an upcoming Samsung Pay beta version, but that Samsung looks to bring Bixby to the same mobile payments system. The addition of AI personality Bixby is certainly something new, but it signals that the Galaxy S8 will very likely feature the AI. Confirmation that Bixby and Samsung Pay Mini are upcoming realities provides implications for the next "Galaxy."

While Samsung's AI has more than enough attention from tech enthusiasts, the Samsung Pay Mini app should get nothing less than the same admiration: after all, Samsung Pay is already ahead of Apple Pay (Apple) and Android Pay (Google) with its magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology that lets you pay at traditional card readers. Factor in Samsung Pay Mini as a workaround for devices lacking MST in Android and iOS, and you have an all-encompassing "Galaxy."

And you thought the Gear S3's iPhone compatibility was Samsung's only knock-out punch.

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