Samsung deal for UK customers gives free Gear Fit2 with Galaxy S7 edge purchase

If your in the UK and thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, then there is a deal that you might be Interested in, buy now and get a FREE Gear Fit2
Deidre Richardson
Jan 17, 2017

The Galaxy S7 edge was one of the best phones of 2016 (right below the now-deceased Galaxy Note 7), and Samsung's new Blue Coral color option for the device makes something terrific even better. If you're always hunting for the deal and the discount, we have a deal for you today.

The deal in question allows you to get a free Gear Fit2 with the purchase of a Galaxy S7 edge. For those who purchase a new Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung will give you a free Gear Fit2 fitness band. The Gear Fit2 runs Tizen, while the Galaxy S7 edge runs Android, and Android and Tizen are "cousins" in some sense, open-source platforms that are compatible with one another. The Gear Fit2, for the price-conscious, costs $180 at full retail, so you're looking at a pretty sweet deal to get a free item for buying what is easily the best Android smartphone available on the market right now.

The Gear Fit2 is Samsung's answer to the 2014 Gear Fit which ran a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) whose source is unknown. The Gear Fit2 is the first fitness band from Samsung running Tizen. The Gear Fit2 comes in a few colors (black, blue, purple) and offers distance tracking, water and caffeine intake, automatic heart rate monitoring, automatic sleep tracking, and even allows you to view a 24-hour activity log. You won't be able to take phone calls on the wrist, however (that's what the Gear S2 3G and 4G-connected Gear S3 Frontier are for).

Now, there are some things you need to know before jumping on this deal. First, you have to purchase the Galaxy S7 edge first, then fill out a form at Samsung's website with information from the S7 edge purchase to apply for your free Gear Fit2 (make sure you purchase the S7 edge before February 28th, the deadline for this deal). The free Gear Fit2 deal with an S7 edge is only available for UK customers, though Samsung has offered US customers a deal last August with the Galaxy Note 7.

Last but not least, the Gear Fit2 will come later than you receive your Galaxy S7 edge, so you'll have to wait a few days after the purchase to see your fitness band arrive at your door. In cases of high demand, that wait could turn into a few weeks.

The free Gear Fit2 deal, as I've stated above, runs through the end of February 28, 2017, and you have until April 28th to redeem your free Gear Fit2. Now's as good a time as ever to claim your part of the "Galaxy." Check out the Samsung website here if you like the sound of the deal.


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