Samsung publishes Gear S3 compatibility list for Android and iOS

Gear S3 Frontier & Classic are cross-platform, allowing non-Samsung, Android smartphones and iPhones to connect. Compatibility matrix for supported features
Deidre Richardson
Jan 12, 2017

The Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic are cross-platform, allowing non-Samsung, Android-powered smartphones and now, iPhones, to be paired with them. With the Gear S3 being the first smartwatch to provide this compatibility, it is understandable that iPhone users and non-Samsung Android users buying a Samsung smartwatch for the first time (or in a long time) would want to know what features they can expect out of their Gear S3 when paired with their smartphone.

Samsung has published its Gear S3 compatibility list, showing just what users can expect and what will disappoint. Unfortunately, Gear S3 users carrying a non-Samsung Android smartphone won't get full functionality for their devices, though they can expect limited functionality in emails, calls, and messaging, with full compatibility and functionality in notifications, apps, Samsung Pay, S Health, and watch face.

As for iPhone users, they have limited messaging, apps, S Health, and watch face with a Bluetooth-connected iPhone that pairs with the Gear S3. There are few standalone capabilities when the Gear S3 is paired with an iPhone but stands alone. As for Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners, they can expect everything to work as designed.

Yes, Samsung's compatibility sheet makes sense. After all, Samsung has never been one to hide behind the fact that it prizes its smartphones and mobile devices over others (as is the case with all manufacturers). Samsung desires that everyone buy a "Galaxy," but it has considered the flexible purchases of consumers who want to mix devices by different OEMs. You can check your smartphone compatibility with your Gear S3 smartwatch by examining the compatibility matrix below.

Samsung's Gear S3 is the third-generation smartwatch in Samsung's Gear S series that began in 2014. Prior to the Fall of 2014, Samsung released the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo back in 2013 through early 2014. And, even before that, Samsung had created its first smartwatch, the SPH-WP10, in 1999 and the 1.8-inch LCD-screened Samsung S9110 back in 2009. The Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic are the elegant result of the Korean giant's veteran status in the wearables market.


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  1. Hey deidre
    Thanks for the post and the helpful matrix.
    Is there any information about when the "missed" functionalities will be available with iOS?



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