Samsung Releases Tizen Studio 1.1.0 Software Development Kit (SDK)

Jan 18, 2017

Samsung has recently rolled out a new version of the Tizen Studio bringing it to version 1.1.0. The release note of the device mentions about a lot of changes being made over the previous Tizen studio 1.0.2 package. The latest version of the Tizen Studio is available across Windows, Mac and Ubuntu platforms for developers to download for free.


New Features

Some of the new features or additions to this version of Tizen Studio include partner-level certificate type for second-party developers under the Certificate tab. The Tizen ViewManager template has been uploaded. The UI builder tool gets some new additions such as the component designer tool, color property UI component, The hoversel UI component has been added along with UI Builder - Navigation View (Circle) project template. The Emulator control panel now has options to enable or disable sensor cards and NFC, if the device you are working on doesn't have one of these cards, then it will be disabled in the control panel. A new support has been added for encrypting all data packets being transferred to a target. To detect Memory Leaks, a 'Leak sanitizer' tool has also been added.

Changed Features

Changed features on the Tizen Studio 1.1.0 include improvements in UX of the package repository Configuration window. Repositories of Extension SDKs are also changed. Target device information now shows more details such as online or offline,emulator or real device, architecture will be shown. There are improvements to UI elements as well in the Notification pop up and on the Import/Convert Wizard. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to control emulator control panel. The data transfer speed has been increased by 2.5 to 10 times more.

In addition to these changes and new additions, Samsung has also made a huge amount of bug fixes with this package and has also detailed some of the known issues which will hopefully get cleared out in the future updates.


Reference Links

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