Smartphone App: Font Manager, free fonts released for Tizen Smartphones

Jan 26, 2017

Hi, guys, the long expected free flipfonts app called Font Manager, created bySomyac, is now available on the Tizen Store. There were many flipfonts that were available in the Tizen Store before this by Monotype Development, but these were paid fonts and its always good to have a free option.

The Font Manager app provides you with 10 different cool looking fonts that you can set up on your Tizen phone. There is a customization tool option in this app, but it does not work at the moment. You can see a preview of the fonts on the app or in your phone settings. To select any font, go to Settings > Display > Fonts > Now you can see all 14 fonts here, 4 preloaded and another 10 that are added with this app. You also can set up your font size from the settings.


Font List

  1. Antykwa Torunska Condensed
  2. Droid Sans Mono Slashed
  3. Gentium Book Basic
  4. Jura
  5. Kamikaze
  6.  Linux Biolinum O
  7.  Linux Libertine C
  8.  Roboto
  9. Thryomanes
  10. Ubuntu



This app is available for all Tizen Smartphones with a download size of 4.31MB. To download this app go to the Tizen Store > Categories > Utilities > New Free. Happy downloading and customizing.

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