Good Translator is an app, which has been created by developer Niem Nguyen Thi, that lets you translate text from 105 languages to 105 languages and is in the Tizen Store now.

Users have the choice of picking what seems like any language which include: Bengali, English , Hindi , Panjabi , Tamil , Telugu , Marathi and all Indian languages. You also have the choice of Japanese, Chinese , Myanmar , Zulu , Indonesian , Turkish , Malayalam etc. You also can convert to a language from auto detect ie. if you aren’t able to detect the language of the primary sentence (from which sentence you translate ), you can use auto detect. And the best feature of this app is when you translate many sentences by continuing the app they will combine your translated sentences. unfortunately, after you close the app, they will be deleted. The developers says that they are using Google Translate’s API in this app.




This app is available now for all Tizen Smartphones and also an online and a native app. In Tizen Store this app size is 1.1MB. If you faced any problem using this app please sent feedback to app developers and drop comments on our comment section below.