Smartphone App: Saavn Music app hits the Tizen Store

Saavn Music app, which lets you listen to music online, is now available on your Tizen Store via Openmobile ACL. Download it for your Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3.
Jan 17, 2017

Saavn Music app, which lets you listen to music online, is now available on your Tizen Store via Openmobile World Wide Inc. Previously Indian Z2 smartphone users got JioMusic app for it's 4G & Jio support feature. Now, the online music Saavn app is available for the Samsung Z1 & Z3, as well as the Samsung Z2.

Saavn is an unlimited, free access to all your music including all Indian regional languages. You can also listen to radio, exclusive audio programming etc. anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Listen to your favourite type of songs like party, hip hop, love songs, sad songs, comedy etc and listen to your favourite artist's song. There is also a listen to weekly top 15 songs features that you might find useful.

You've to connect your facebook account for enjoying some extra special features like your friends' favourite playlists or songs and follow your friends' playlists. You also can play your phone's song by saavn player.


Saavn Music is ported from an android app so it needs ACL for Tizen app must be  Installed on your Tizen Smartphones, but don't worry as it will automatically prompt you to Install it if you haven't got it. Available for all Tizen Smartphones such as Z1, Z3 & Z2 and a download of 12MB.

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