Smartphone Game: Genius Test, a good mind test game released in Tizen Store

Jan 10, 2017

Hi guys, many puzzles game released have been released in the Tizen Store. But, a different type of puzzle game in mind testing game is now available. The game named Genius Test has been added by Amjad Chaudhry and copyright of I Need Play.

The game is a colour based game. So, you've to select the right colour in this game. 4 different modes available to play: Classic, Chrono, Find the true colour & Tap the true colour.

Classic: In this mode, you've to select true or false. There is a colour ring and write a colour name (ie. blue, yellow, red etc.). If the ring's colour match with the colour name then you've to tap true and otherwise false. You'll get 1 point for correct and age over for a wrong. Score as many points as you can.

Chrono: Chrono mode is almost same with Classic mode. Here the colour ring will full in 15 seconds. That means, in 15 seconds you've to select many true or false as speedily as you can. After 15 seconds they will announce your score. You'll get 1 point for a correct answer and -1 for wrong. Point the highest as you can.

Find the true colour: In this mode, they will mention a colour name & you've to select this colour from a list of 8 colours. But, there will an another colour ring for diverting your mind. And, you will get a limited time fir select a colour. The time will 5 seconds at first and next the time will reduce to 3 and 2 second. 1 point for right. Score best if you can. Game over after a wrong.

Tap the true colour: There will 4 colour rings and write a colour name in these rings. You have to select this which ring's colour match with the color name. Get 4 to 5 seconds for one answer. A game will be over after the wrong answer. Score 1 point for the right answer and score best as you can.


So, now you can understand that Genius Test is totally a mind test game. But, I think it's a very difficult game. This game is available now for all Tizen smartphones such as the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3. The game is about 11MB size in Tizen Store.

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