Smartphone Game: Highway Traffic Rider game now available for free on Tizen Store

Jan 17, 2017

Last year a motorbike riding game named Highway Traffic Rider was released on Tizen Store by Janos Barkoczi and copyright of ZipZap Games Kft. for ₹33. Now this game is available in the Tizen store for FREE. This is an awesome bike riding game, which has different types of missions & levels, different types of riding mode, different types of environments and different bikes for different levels. There are 3 missions in a level.



Missions Type

Lots of missions available for Highway Traffic Rider like Overtake 30 taxies, overtake 10 buses, near miss 3 cars, ride 5 km., ride 20 sec in oncoming traffic and much more.



There is 3 mission under a level. If you've to complete the level then you've to complete the three missions. By chance you can't complete any missions then you can skip the mission by spending some money.


Riding modes

Three gameplay modes available for this game. One-way, Two-way & Police chase. Select perfect mode for complete your missions.


Gameplay environment

15 different environments available for this game. Weathers will automatically change while changing the run.



12 different real bikes available for this game including Honda, KTM, Suzuki etc. The bikes name spelling may be a change from real spelling. You can customise your bikes for winning credits and coins. So, it's an awesome game for bike lovers. Now, install the game from Tizen Store and start your first ride, overtake other vehicles and go as far you can.


There are also some tricks for you for score best

  • Run on high-speed: run your bike without brakes or as faster as you can
  • Perform wheelie: run your bike by only one wheel
  • Perform near miss: overtaking other vehicles closely
  • Run on incoming traffic: drive your bike in opposite direction in two-way mode


So, ride your bike with this spatial driving skills and score your best.



This game is available for all Tizen-powered smartphones such as Samsung Z1, Z2 & Z3 and free of cost and available in Tizen Store for a download of 54MB.

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