SmartThings kicking off 2017 by cutting support to Windows Phones

Jan 18, 2017

Samsung owned SmartHome and IoT firm SmartThings recently sent out a press report to clear the air on a few changes that the company had planned for 2017. With IoT and Home Automation expected to boost in growth and adoption this year as well, SmartThings are cutting down a couple of services which they believe is holding them back and costing them both time and man-power which could be focused on to development.


1. Migration Tool

SmartThings have finally decided that the highly anticipated 'migration tool' for transitioning from the original SmartThings v1 Hub to the SmartThings v2 Hub is not going to happen. This will likely turn down the hopes of the kickstarter backers of the SmartThings v1 Hub from 2012 who helped SmartThings become the company it is now, but that's the cost the company has to pay for a better future. Even though it is a bitter pill to swallow, users can manually configure their new v2 hub.

2. Windows Phone App

SmartThings are the latest company to discontinue their app service for Windows Phones. With the user base of Windows showing little to no signs of growth, SmartThings have decided that the platform isn't worth supporting anymore. The company announced that the version 1.7.0 of the SmartThings app will be the last of its line and will lose its place from the store on Aprile 1, 2017. SmartThings will continue their technical support for the platform up until June 2017.

3. SmartApp Curation

SmartThings also announced that the company will start removing unsupported/updated SmartApps by developers from the marketplace over the next few months. Users will be informed about other SmartApp alternatives for similar service.

By saving up resources from the above-mentioned services, the time might finally have arrived for SmartThings to launch their companion wearable app for the Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches. SmartThings had promised to launch the app back when the Gear S2 was launched but haven't been able to keep the promise yet. Come on SmartThings, we are waiting !!!!

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