Smartwatch App: IP Camera Viewer for Gear S2 & Gear S3

Jan 26, 2017

IP Camera Viewer is an app which is designed for Gear S2 & Gear S3 smartwatch. The app features support for virtually all IP Cameras that have a jpeg picture output option. In order for you to use this function you will need the JPEG access URL for your camera in the following format:-

http://[username]:[password]@IP Address]:[port]/[path to jpeg]

For example, most of the Foscam cameras have this URL:-http://admin:[email protected]/snaphost.cgi?

You can find JPG URL format for your camera in the following site:

The app supports up to 9 IP cameras and you can enter their URLs by using the phone app that is installed alongside the companion smartwatch app. The app default time interval for receiving jpegs from your selected camera is once every 200 seconds due to battery concerns. It is possible to change this in the phone settings. There is also a frames per second setting, but that is mainly experimental at the moment and does not work as expected.

There is a free and also a paid app that you can download. The only difference is that the free version of the app has “free” written on the camera view.

Available to download now from Samsung Galaxy App Store. Have you tried the app? Did it work as expected ? Let us know in the comments.


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