Smartphone Game: Ramble Race 2, ride on your Motorcycle

Jan 10, 2017

Rample Race 2 is a game where you have to drive on a road without crashing. There are different motorcycles that you can buy using virtual money, which you collect by doing various things on the levels.

You are able to select a game mode out of four different ones: One-way, where all the lanes go in one direction. Two way - where half of the lanes are going one way and the other half are going the other way. Time trial - You have limited time to drive and get money, also, it isn't a game over when you crash, you just lose $50. Free ride - You can drive endlessly and it isn't a game over when you lose, just have to pay $50 unlike the previous mode, Time Trial. The developer, Eoxys, has made one other game, Fishing Cat, and it looks like more are yet to come.



  • Easy to start the game in seconds
  • 4 gameplay modes: One way, Two way, Time trial and Free ride
  • Two modes of Two way traffic : Left and right follow
  • Two modes of direction control: tilt and touch to control the bike's direction
  • 5 bikes to buy and ride
  • Tap accelorator button accelerate
  • Collect as much money as possible to buy the bikes
  • Collect more money during a ride by moving closer to other vehicles, closer overtakes, going 80kmp or faster and ride in the opposite lane (in two way mode.)
  • Get away from the vehicles infront of you.





In my opinion, the game has really good graphics a pumped background music because I have the need for speed!!! Available to get in the Tizen Store, for all Tizen Smartphones, with a download size of 52.5MB.

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