Verimatrix brings forensic watermarking to 2017 Samsung Smart TVs, prevents piracy

Deidre Richardson
Jan 9, 2017

Samsung is always doing its best to get ahead with trends, and in the area of smart TVs, UHD and 4K content is where it's at. And yet, there's always trouble lurking in mobile. With 4K content becoming the new gold standard, there are those who would rather perform more roundabout techniques to access content illegally than to pay for it. For these criminally mastermind individuals, smart TVs must be smarter than ever before. Samsung and Verimatrix have worked out a solution: forensic watermarking.

The Korean giant known for its smart TVs, among other devices, has partnered with Verimatrix this week to bring forensic watermarking to its 2017 Smart TV lineup. Samsung's next-generation Smart TVs contain the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) Ultra architecture, including Verimatrix forensic watermarking, is now integrated into Samsung's Smart TVs to ensure a proper chain-of-custody setup where the content goes from legal content producers and distributors to customers who pay for said content. Samsung's new Smart TVs adhere to MovieLabs' Specifications for Next Generation Video and Enhanced Content Production content guidelines.

"The proliferation of UHD and 4K content has amplified threats of IP-sourced piracy, putting a direct target on Smart TVs. Therefore, it is essential that emerging technology adopts a balanced integrated approach built around MovieLabs' requirements to protect UHD and 4K content. Samsung's decision to integrate VideoMark watermarking as part of VCAS Ultra optimally positions its future Smart TVs to secure high-quality content, pushing Samsung ahead in the race against piracy," said Verimatrix CTO Petr Peterka.

Forensic watermarking refers to the practice of placing an invisible serial number on audio or video content that remains in all situations - even with pre-release and post-release content. In the event that pre-release content is confiscated, the invisible serial number is enough for a conviction. The same can be said for post-release content: the invisible serial number will provide a trail back to the original source and validate or invalidate the one who owns the content.

VCAS Ultra provides a three-pronged approach that includes forensic watermarking, hardware credentials, and a trusted software security environment, which helps with device authentication and encryption tools that are piracy-hostile and prevent the acquisition of content by way of illegal means.

Samsung's 2017 Smart TVs are designed to provide not only a great viewing experience but a pleasant experience for content distributors, producers, and creators by protecting their financial investment. Those who intend to pay for their UHD and 4K content have little need to fear Verimatrix's forensic watermarking, but criminals beware.

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