Verizon Gear S2 3G variant receives Value Pack 2 firmware update CPK8

Jan 12, 2017

Gear S2 3G variant users in the United States on most carriers other than Verizon have already received the Value Pack 2 update by now. The update has now finally hit Verizon subscribers of the Smartwatch as well, bearing the version number R730VVRU2CPK8. This update brings in some major improvement in performance, bug fixes and security patches.



The new update lets you customize your watchfaces with the My Photo app. In an everlasting attempt to make smartwatch displays easier to text with, the new firmware update contributes its share for the cause with a new predictive reply option to the incoming messages. Users can also take the benefit of Voice to speech input or even doodle on the circular screen. The update will also help in motivating users to work out when the smartwatch detects no movements made by the user and then reminding users to continue working out.


 Manually Check

If you don’t get the Gear S2 update automatically downloading, then you can check manually by doing the following:

  • Launch Samsung Gear Manager app
  • Scroll to bottom of page, Select About gear
  • Select Update Gear software
  • Select Download updates manually

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