You can win $10,000 for your Tizen mobile app under Samsung's new program

Jan 11, 2017

Samsung have announced a new Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program for 2017 to boost Tizen app development. The program will run between February 1st to October 31st while the participation registration has already started. Samsung are giving away a mammoth $10,000 cash incentive for the top 100 apps every month through this program which should definitely bring in talented developers onto the Tizen platform in the coming days.




A website has been hosted for the program to provide every information required for developers to participate in the program and also get started with Tizen app development with the help of Tizen Studio SDK and other tools. The incentive program, however, isn't limited to just new apps or new app developers; Developers with their apps already on the Tizen store can also participate in the program by applying their existing app.




Top 100 Apps will be selected every month based on the download count and rewarded with $10,000. An app will only be picked once for the reward process even if it takes the Top 100 spot in more than one month. The target devices for the developed apps are Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and any other Tizen smartphone that gets announced down the line during the program period.

You can find further information about the Incentive Program from

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