Samsung introduces a new ARTIK feature to perform OTA updates on device

Feb 14, 2017

Samsung's Artik Cloud platform is only getting better with time. Samsung recently announced a new feature addition to ARTIK Cloud which lets users perform OTA (over the air) firmware updates easily on devices using the LWM2M (lightweight machine to machine) protocol. Samsung's Artik Cloud Java and C/C++ for LWM2M makes it simpler to implement the necessary resources into LWM2M client based devices which are registered with Artik Cloud on which the OTA has to be pushed. The brief list of LWM2M client resource requirement can be found here.




The developer dashboard on Artik Cloud lets users manage all the update images in one place making it easy to upload, store or even search for images and perform OTA updates for specific devices by using a sophisticated filter tool. Users can also automate the process by creating a task using this API.

Devices can retrieve images pushed by ARTIK Cloud via unique URL when the devices are connected over LWM2M. The developer dashboard also has a dedicated page to monitor the update status. You can read more about these update task functions here.

To get a detailed information on OTA updates refer to the developer documentation portal.

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