NexPlayer video streaming service SDK launched for Samsung's Tizen based TVs

Feb 15, 2017

Samsung's Smart TVs have been a dominant player in the TV industries for a while now and the company has been investing highly on the software side of its TV range as much as the hardware development we are seeing lately. Today, NexStreaming announced the release of NexPlayer for Tizen. NexPlayer is an SDK platform that will help Video service providers to bring their service on to Samsung's Tizen-based TVs at the highest available quality. Until now, NexPlayer was available for Android and iOS-based phones and tablets along with Android STBs and TVs.


Now, with the launch of NexPlayer SDK for Tizen, all the streaming and playback features which were available on NexPlayer SDK for other platforms will be made available for developers to get it running on Samsung's Smart TVs. Some of these features include closed captioning, ABR, multiple audio tracks, Playready DRM or time-shifting.

Carlos Lucas, General Manager of NexPlayer was found stating about the launch of the SDK as-

"NexPlayer for Tizen is a great step in our strategy to help video service providers in offering the best video quality across all devices. Samsung SmartTVs are market leaders and in the living room of millions of families; our customers will now be able to prepare video apps also for those smart TVs with the same advanced features, video quality and customer support as they are used to on Android and iOS.”


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