Samsung adds Artik 530 development board to its Artik 5 series

Feb 8, 2017

Just yesterday, we wrote about Samsung scraping away the Artik 1020 development board and asking developers to implement their projects with Artik 7 instead. Today, Samsung launched a new member for the Artik 5 family in the form of Artik 530 development board. Prior to this, the Artik 5 series only had the Artik 520 development board in its line up. While the Artik 520 kit is currently retailing for $99, the new Artik 530 kit is almost double the amount with a $189 price tag. However, in terms of the module alone, the Artik 530 is priced at $44 while the the Artik 520 sells for $59.


While the Artik 520 was a single board dev board with onboard GPIO headers, the Artik 530 seems to have take inspiration from the elder Artik 710 development board as the hardware modules and the headers are present on two separate PCBs which have to be connected together (and hence the huge price difference between 520 and 530 kits). Samsung calls this modular board architecture.

The key difference between the 520 and the 530 is in the use of the processor. The 520 was based on a dual core ARM cortex A7 exynos chip which made it usable for only low power applications. It only had a MIPI DSI interface to attach a display limited to 960x540p resolution. The new 530 however employs a quadcore ARM Cortex A9 Exynos CPU which is a lot more powerful and should be suitable for IoT developments which require large amounts of data to be processed such as a camera signal. The 530 also has an onboard HDMI output for a more convenient way to connect displays.

There are also a few similarities between the two Artik 5 boards as both have a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of Flash storage. WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity come as a standard on both the boards. You can purchase the new Artik 530 board from either Digikey or Arrow right now.

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