Samsung C-Labs to showcase innovative VR and AR solutions at MWC 2017

Feb 24, 2017

Samsung Electronics are getting all set for Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona. Apart from launching their next flagship smartphone at the event, Samsung also announced that the company will be showcasing some of the best developments that are currently happening at Samsung's Creative Lab (C-Lab). Samsung also provided details that these C-Labs project will be based on Virtual and Augmented Reality. The VR experiences will be exhibited at 4YFN (4 years from now) platform for startup.

Samsung's C-Labs is an internal program that invests and incubates on innovative projects and ideas developed by its employees. At MWC, Barcelona this year some of the innovative projects coming out of C-Labs are a smart aid for visually impaired people called Relúmĭno. It is a visual aid application that works on any Gear VR compatible smartphone and when used with the VR headset, it helps near blind and visually impaired people to read books and watch TV by enhancing visuals and text. The app can also remap blind spots and correct distorted images caused by metamorphopsia.



Samsung will also be showcasing a special type of AR (Augmented Reality) glasses called Monitorless. This glasses connects over WiFi direct to any smartphone or PC and casts the screen content onto the electro chromic display that is fused into the glasses. The glasses can hence be used to play games from any smartphone or PC completely untethered.



Another C-Labs on display will be the VuildUs home interior and furnishing solution. This innovative application solves the hassles of choosing the right furniture for your home without actually buying it and also know whether it fits in your space. The setup consists of 360-degree depth sensing camera which needs to be connected to a VR-capable smartphone. Once the camera scans your room, you can enter into your VR headset and view furniture in 3D as if they were in placed in your home. If you are satisfied with the furniture, there will also be an option to buy it right away.



TraVRer is another C-Labs project to be on display. This is a 360-degree video platform which lets users revisit their favourite priorly toured destinations in virtual reality. Users can use the TraVRer to capture the visuals in 360 degrees while travelling around and also capture mood, noises and events simultaneously giving a more detailed immersive experience for their virtual trip later on.
MWC-2017-C-Lab-PRThe C-Lab projects will be exhibited at Samsung Electronics’ booth (4YFN G1 in the Fira Barcelona).

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