Samsung releases second developer preview of Tizen.NET with support for TV apps

Feb 1, 2017

After launching the .NET distribution for Linux and Mac back in 2015 and later in 2016 Microsoft itself joined the Linux Foundation to support an open ecosystem, this has brought in a large number of C# developers into developing linux based apps and services. Tizen being another open source platform based on Linux with over 50 million devices across the world across various categories such as TVs, phones, wearables, home appliances, IoT, etc currently needs a lot of community developers support to establish itself as a dominant open platform.

This led to the collaboration of Samsung and Microsoft on November 2016 and hence brought .NET support to Tizen with a first preview release. Now, Samsung has released the second preview of the .NET framework for Tizen. Samsung claims this to be a significant update over the first preview as the first preview only supported mobile application development, now Samsung has added support for TV application development with the help of a similar .NET standard and Xamarin.Forms for UI building, Android and iOS developers who formerly used Xamarin.Forms for native UI development should find it familiar for building on Tizen.




The update also brings support to Project Wizard which helps in building apps for a single device or multiple ones and even for cross-platform applications at ease. Tools such as certificate manager, emulator manager, emulator control panel, and manifest editor have also been added with this release. A huge list of Tizen specific APIs that have been launched with this release can be found here.

An official version of Tizen .NET is expected to release in the second half of 2017, mean while Samsung will continue to have preview releases every two months. You can get started with Tizen.NET application development and download the Visual Studio tools from here.



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