Samsung stops production of Artik 10 boards and recommends use of Artik 7

Feb 7, 2017

In a surprise turn of events, Samsung has decided to stop production of its development board Artik 10 which was the most powerful board among the Artik series. The Artik 10 board, going by the model number Artik 1020, featured a high power Exynos 5422 octacore chipset and Mali-T628 MP6 GPU coupled with 16GB of flash storage and 2GB of RAM. On the connectivity front, the Artik 10 came with WiFi, Bluetooth and even Zigbee options. In terms of sheer power, the Artik 10 is much better than the widely popular Raspberry Pi 3 (The same way Asus's Tinker board is being advertised).

However, it seems like Samsung didn't want a 32 bit architecture development board like the Artik 10 to be represented as the elite product from Artik series while the Raspberry Pi 3 has a 64 bit processor and hence has taken the decision to stop its production (The Asus Tinker board also is a 32bit board). Samsung has even put out a notice on its Artik website about the halt in manufacturing of Artik 10 and recommends developers to use the Artik 7 development board which features an Octacore 64 bit ARM Cortex A53 CPU along with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage. WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity are all present onboard. The Artik 710 development kit is currently being sold for $199 which is still a lot more expensive than a Raspberry Pi 3.

While the production of Artik 10 has stopped, there still are a few units in limited stocks with Samsung Artik board retail partners such as Arrow and Digikey, however since it is unlikely to see a community support around this board, it is better to stay away from it.


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