Smartphone App: Bitmusic music player app, FREE for Limited period

Feb 23, 2017

Tizen phones have only one music player named Samsung Music. Now, a new music player, named bitmusic, has been added to the Tizen Store by app developer Victor Sindeeb with lots of exciting features. BitMusic is a new music player brings to you an another music experience that you can use anytime & anywhere you want.


How to use

  • Launch the app
  • You will see the songs list
  • Tap on any song to play
  • Swipe left or right for change the song
  • Swipe up or down to adjust volume
  • Tap on song name for open music list


App features

  • Play songs anytime
  • Create your favourite playlists
  • Rename any songs name
  • On or off shuffle
  • Set repeat mode all/one or off
  • Mark songs as favorite



The headphone tricks that we shared a while ago may not works in this player. So, it's a very good Tizen audio played made by 3rd party app development. And developers says that it's free only for this February month. So, download it today now.

This app is now available for all Tizen-powered smartphones such as Z1, Z2 & Z3 and free of cost and available in Tizen Store for a download of 2MB.

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