Smartphone App: HDR Camera take HD photos on your Tizen Devices

Feb 16, 2017

Lots of new apps were added to the Tizen Store this month like games, funny apps, music and video apps, photo editing, camera apps, entertainment apps etc. Lately, we have also had many good camera apps added like InstaTags, Monograph. Sweet camera, angleCam etc.

Now, a new camera app named HDR Camera created by developers The Green Bees. As the name suggests you are able to take good HD photos by using this app. The developer states that you will be able to get awesome pictures even from dull pictures, giving them deep shadows and lights and a rich gamut of hues. You can capture photos by two modes such as vivid colour mode and normal. I think this is an essential app for photo lovers that want the best out of each and every photograph they take. At the top left-hand corner of your device screen, there is a camera icon, which once tapped the HDR Camera will enhance the photo.

This app only uses the main camera and you are not able to take selfies with it and you can not edit any pictures that you take. The developer, Serhii Kolomiiets, has currently made one other app called Night vision, I'm guessing it has something to do with the dark.



This app is now available for all Tizen smartphones to download from the Tizen Store and the app size is less than 1 MB.  I will look forward to more apps and hopefully games from the developer. According to my/our experience a lot of good apps coming from this seller very soon.

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