Smartphone Game: Angry Chicken: Egg Madness comes to the Tizen Store

Feb 15, 2017

Angry Chicken: Egg Madness is a game where you have to collect the eggs off chickens. The chickens are all in a row and when they lay eggs, the eggs fall quite slowly so you need to be the one to catch them. There are three levels - Casual, Advanced, and Madness, and as you might expect they get harder. Casual being the easiest and Madness being the madest! When you play a game, there will be arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right on both sides of the screen, these are to move the basket retrospectively left and right. In the top corner is three baskets, those are your lives. If you miss eggs three times the game is over. Angry Chicken: Egg Madness is ported using HTML5 to the Tizen Platform.

The different eggs give you a different amount of points but unfortunately the list of points that the eggs give don't come up again, they only come up on the first game you play. The white eggs give you 10 points, the gold give you 50 points, when you collect the egg with a dollar sign, the word greedy pops up. Just like me, haha 🙂

Spyridon Merianos, who reached out to us as a representative of Black Sheep Games, currently has no other apps on the Tizen Platform but we are hoping that changes soon. Angry Chicken: Egg Madness is the first game to be ported across to Tizen and I must say it is pretty good for a first attempt. Unfortunately, you can't customize how the chickens look or any music themes etc. which is something I would really like to see. The background music fits with the game and doesn't distract you from the task at hand, and the graphics are smooth, well defined and provide you with responsive game play.


About Black Sheep Games

Black Sheep Games is an independent video games studio in Greece and is run by Spyro Merianos. The mobile games can be found on Google Play, App Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Store and now on the Tizen Store. Their most recent game being 'Galactic Missile Defence.' Black Sheep Games aims to expand to the PC market and make more games in the future



If you want a visual on how to play the game, watch the video below:-


On the Tizen Store it has been rated 3.6/5.0 currently by 8 people which is quite good. Spyridon is planning to make more free games in 2017 on the Tizen platform. This game is available in the Tizen Store for FREE with a download size of 2.57MB.


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