Smartphone game: Ground Effect, Tizen Racing Game FREE for Limited Time

Feb 23, 2017

Ground Effect is a mobile game where you have to ride and drive your hovering aircraft on the sea. There are currently three races: Race, Ghost Race and Just Cruise. The race is the normal race where you have to you have floating cones on the water and you need to go through them to make a checkpoint there, YOU ALSO HAVE NO CHOICE!! You have to go through to make the next pair of cones light up indicating that those are the ones you need to go through. There are different racing ships, a yellow, purple and white; a white and red one; a green goo one on a white background; a flame one on a black background; a red and yellow one; a blue, white and red one; a yellow and black one; an orange and green one; a blue, black and a tiny bit of white; and a black and red one.

I think that the game is really cool but it could have more possibility such as an endless mode with a leader board. The developer, Jakyl Ltd, has made many other games such as Frootress, Kiwanuka, Snow Dude!, TileStorm, and Forget-Me-Not. I think the graphics are really good and realistic also 3D and the sound is also really good and adventurous. Ground Effect has been rated 3.9/5.0 in the Tizen Store, which is quite good.


I hope in future updates there will be a leaderboard and an endless mode, as I have mentioned but also, I wish for a feature where you can customise the colours of a design of the hovercraft you drive with.

This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free for a limited time so grab it now!! You can download it for 6.38MB. Also remember, if you're a game or an app developer, send us your game details at [email protected]

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