Smartphone Game: Ninja Assassin's comes to the Tizen Store for Samsung Z1, Z2, and Z3

Feb 16, 2017

Ninja Assassin's is a game where you have to KILL, SIMPLE AS THAT!! You are one against many. It's kill or be killed!!! You are a ninja in search of revenge and you've travelled far so you want to savour the moment. This game is set in a front yard of a village/house and there are Chinese soldiers coming to you with a dream to kill you, so you need to fight back. As soon as you kill a soldier/samurai another one spawns in the map, you can either throw a ninja star or fight them with your sword and you can do a rolly poly (roll forward) towards or away from the enemy. There is blood!!! There are four enemies- the Militia, the Samurai, the Archers and then the Boss. They become harder to kill as you go through the list.

The Background Story

17th Century Japan Edo period saw strict laws enforced where western principles and teachings were banned. Most notably the ban of Christianity. Foreign travel and books were banned in 1638. The story of Shimabara rebellion ninja that took place in feudal Japan's against the villains.

The controls are simple- you have a joystick on the bottom corner of the left-hand side to move around and on the right-hand side you have three buttons. The top one to slice whatever is in front of you, the middle to throw a ninja star and the bottom to do rolly polys (forward rolls.) Currently, it's on sale for a limited time. After the time period has finished, Ninja Assassin's will go back to the previous price of $0.99. So grab it now for FREE!!!

The developer, Appworx Pte Ltd, has made three other games which are Freeway racing 1, Robot Cop vs. Zombies 1, and Connect Pro (HD). The sounds are really good and make you focus on the task at hand and it is Chinese music so it links to the setting of the game. The graphics are also good but at the edge of the pathways, it's pixelated but hopefully, it will change in future updates.


In the Tizen Store, Ninja Assassin's has been rated a 3.8/5.0 with is quite good. I am hoping that the developer will add a feature in future updates so you can customise your ninja character and upgrade the ninja's skills and weapons.. Ninja Assasin's is available on the Tizen Store now for FREE with a download size of 28.46MB.

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